Our Roots

“Frankie’s Bar
and Grill in Point
Pleasant Beach
is a cheerful reminder of a
time gone by ...”

From the patterned black and white tiles on the floor to the recessed tin ceiling above the bar, this casual eatery has a nostalgic, friendly appeal that makes you want to come back even before you look at the menu. It’s those quaint touches—like the globed lamppost lights and the vintage Coca Cola signs—that make this place familiar.

“I tried to create a home for people, for eating, drinking, meeting and enjoying games,” Frank Kineavy said. The concept is “a local establishment for local families.”

Burgers are at the heart of Frankie’s homestyle yet substantial menu. The 10-ounce burgers, cooked on a char-broil grill either at the bar or in the kitchen, are widely considered among the best—if not the best—in the state. These juicy burgers are hand-made daily from a secret blend of cuts that was created over 25 years ago.